December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Alvise Biffi

Alvise Biffi, born in 1978, is now director of the Secure Network Srl ( and 18Months Srl (, two companies of which he is also co-founder. Secure Network is an Italian company based in Milan and London specializing in consulting, service delivery and training for information security; 18months is a start-up that has developed innovative software 18Tickets, innovative cloud solution based ticketing and management for the sector and Cinema Museum. Biffi is also a member of Double-You srl (Http:// startup specializing in innovative tools of corporate welfare.
Biffi’s degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University and during his time at university he was president of the student association JEME BOCCONI, the Junior Enterprise of the university (
Biffi work professionally in the field of strategic consulting since 1999, mainly in the ICT sector, and over the years in addition to its companies handled the goodwill for various start-up of the Milan scene.

Since 2005, moreover, Alvise Biffi has joined actively Assolombarda (Association of territorial Lodi Milan Monza and Brianza of Confindustria), covering over the years in various positions including President of the Association of the North Assolombarda and President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group. Today is President of Small Industry of Assolombarda, Vice President and Vice President of Small Industry Assolombarda Confindustria at national level, with powers related to the themes Startup, Re-Startup and Simplification, in addition to his renewed business services Assolombarda.
Since 2012 Biffi is also advisor of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, representing industry and services in 2015 is adviser of Italian Startup.
In 2010, Biffi has received the gold medal Raiffeisenkasse Treviglio for its commitment to the development of youth entrepreneurship in the territory.
On 7 December 2011, the mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, he was awarded a certificate of civic merit “Ambrogino gold” for his work in spreading the corporate culture and the initiatives in favor of economic and social development, in particular for young people, carried out for the territory as President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Milan.
On 28 February 2014, the mayor of Treviglio Joseph Pezzoni awarded him a certificate of civic merit “San Martin gold” for professional results achieved and especially the commitment within the association, witnessing how the city closer to citizens ( Biffi was born and lives in Treviglio) who engage in free enterprise aimed at the development of the community.
At leisure Biffi is fond of Harley Davidson, on the go (not only in motion), he likes to go to the theater, especially for Opera and Ballet, and has always been a keen sportsman in particular: swimming, skiing, volleyball, tennis and golf.



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