December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Andrea Porcu

Andrea Porcu is currently a Finmeccanica-AgustaWestland Vicepresident in charge worldwide of key governmental customers. After graduating at Bocconi University (Milan) in Innovation Economics, at the beginning of his career (year 2000) he worked as researcher first and then as strategic consultant on the processes of change/innovation of large international companies and governmental entities in Europe, Russia and Middle East.

Since 2004 he joined Finmeccanica Group where he worked in Selex ES with global roles related to the business development of solutions with a direct focus on ICT innovation, automation and cyber security. In Selex ES he has been working also closely with the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID). He completed his education with a direct focus on Innovation Management and leadership at Bocconi, Imperial College (London) and Columbia (NYC) business schools. Lecturer and keynote speaker in several international conferences and in education programs for executive training and university students, he also participates in events and committees of “informal and formal networks” for innovation; since three years he is mentor of Talent Garden CEO, with him and Alessandro Rimassa he co-founded the Tag Innovation School.

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