December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Francesca Fedeli

Francesca Fedeli is the co-founders of FigthTheStroke , a movement that supports in 2011 the cause of young stroke survivors, as their little Mario. Early diagnosis of stroke and perinatal new rehabilitation techniques based on the concept of mirror neurons and the application of technology to medicine, are just some of the battles carried out by the Association, which continues to make known its own history through events of worldwide as the TED Global (2013), Ciudad de las Ideas (2013) and Doctors2.0 (2014).

In October 2013, the association has joined the Board of Directors of the International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke, and was selected as a finalist in numerous local and international awards, including the Eisenhower Fellowship (USA, September 2014) . Fightthestroke is TEDMED ambassador for Live event in 2014 (CALL4BRAIN) and promoter of HackmedMI , the first Hackathon in Medicine (Quantified Self) in Italy.



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