December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Jacopo Marello

Jacopo Marello, was born in Firenze in 1967. He studied architecture in Florence and in Germany, at the Technische Hochschüle of Darmastadt.

During his training as an architect, with the classmates and friends Paolo Barberis and Alessandro Sordi, he has been exploring the new frontier of the digital world, studying its rules and potential. That first group of classmates was Design Architecture Digital Analogue (aka Dada).

In 1995 the dream of a digital world came true and as a group of avant-garde architects from Florence Dada started selling Internet connectivity. Dada was an all-encompassing experience, its rapid growth from a mere garage start-up to a listed company required the ultimate in creativity and problem solving. In this growth Jacopo lived every moment, from the creation of the very first image of Dada, the UX and design of the first website building the first network structure, and the first server.
Then it was the time of growth of the workspaces in the new offices, first in Italy and then around the world. The identity of the image Dada, then, was his fixation.

Jacopo leaves Dada in 2011 when it became the complex and known to the news, now full of awards.

The team spirit created with friends Alessandro and Paolo has found today a new ground of challenge: Nana Bianca. Today he is a Nana Bianca co-founder, the Italian digital startup accelerator with more than 20 projects world wide.

In Nana Bianca he is the reference for the part of the brand identity of the start-ups as well as UI/UX of their projects.


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