December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Mariarita Costanza

Mariarita, was born in 1971, she is mother of two children: Federica 10 years old and Marco 6 years old. She graduated in 2001 in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bari. After the graduation, she immediately toke the challenge of her current husband and business partner in MACNIL, Mr. Nicola Lavenuta to not going away from her homeland, but building an Information Technology company in Gravina in Puglia (Apulia region, southern Italy), which is historically dedicated to agriculture and pretty much away from technology hubs based in northern Italy.

In 2001 Mariarita and Nicola decided to match in life as well as in business: making a business “start-up” and naming the business by the initials of their names, “MACNIL“. The initial capital was made thanks to a bank mortgage with parent’s home as guarantee.

Later, thanks to Mariarita dissertation project the business began: MACNIL offered web solutions messaging for business and soon it was noticed by major mobile phone companies.

In fact, in 2002, they made the first big goal: becoming certified supplier of ICT solutions for Telecom Italia. 

During the early years, Mariarita worked hard researching and updating around Italy, attending many workshops, exhibitions and conferences, until 2004, when a new request came up from the market. An existing customer asked for fleet management (GPS satellite tracking), tracking /tracing movement functionality, stops report, mileage and fuel consumption reports for business vehicles.

Nowadays, MACNIL is the first fleet management player in the country and it has successfully started its international trading business.

In June 2014, Mariarita’s business reached another important milestone for MACNIL switching from a small local company to the first tier international player: Joining Zucchetti Group, the largest Italian software corporation, with 3,000 employees , 1.100 partners in Italy, and operating in 40 countries worldwide.

In 2015, among May and June, has arrived the award of the television for MACNIL – Zucchetti Group. Mariarita joined the group of 5 investors of the new business broadcast on the Italian channel: Italia Uno. Shark Tank broadcast (the Italian version of Dragon’s Den) was dedicated to the Startup business. Mariarita performance has been judged by television expert as “amazing”.

Alea iacta est (latin). Thus, the challenge was won successfully and today in the heart of Gravina in Puglia is based a large ICT business which deals with Internet of Things and Smart City, Fleet Management, Telemedicine and Digital Mobile Marketing business.

Mariarita is the CTO of MACNIL – Zucchetti Group; and she leads a team of IT experts, including researchers, designers and software developers.





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