December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Enrico Cattaneo

After a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Politecnico of Turin he works for companies with high technological content where he approaches the themes of Innovation. The interest for Innovation leads him to pursue a career in strategic consulting, where he managed important innovative projects in various sectors, such as utilities, automotive, telecommunications, civil Aviation, military aviation. After an MBA from ESCP Europe in Paris he leads for three years a financial advisory company supporting SMEs.

With a PhD from the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of Turin he is now Affiliate Professor at ESCP Europe, Innovation Manager at Humanplus Research Foundation and he collaborates with the Politecnico of Turin, chambers of commerce and others in topics related to Innovation. Due to the passion for the analysis and evaluations of innovative he joined groups of investors and venture capitalists as a business angel and he participate as a juror for start up competitions.

Enrico is managing partner of 42Accelerator, startup accelerator based in Turin



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