December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Marco De Rossi

I’m alive since 1990.

I’m an entrepreneur and I deal with initiatives of social and cultural impact that live on the Internet.

My company – a startup with a team of 14 people and more than 45 professors and external collaborators – is a free online school open to all that is called Oilproject. Anyone can share their knowledge: from Boccaccio to the notions computer, the sustainability of sovereign debt to the logic of Aristotle. All for free.
5000 with lectures and 2 million people who have studied on the site over the past 12 months, Oilproject is the largest online school in Italy.
The motto is “Be Free To Learn!”

From February 2009 to late 2012 I was Italian country manager of Austrian Tripwolf startup, one of the most important social traveling the world that, after the success of its network in German, English and French, has arrived in Italy and Spain.

In 2012 I worked with Telecom Italian management is strategic both operating Working Capital, one of the projects in recent years have mainly helped the Italian ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurship digital and ICT research.

Pangloss was the personal blog on which, together with Alessandro Dog, srivevo of what happened. Reading suggestions, reflections, nonsense. The motto is “could have been worse: it could rain.”

Between 2007 and 2011 I worked with IlSole24Ore, occasionally writing for Nova24 (especially from the United States) of subjects in between economy and technology.

I have collaborated since its inception (2008) until 2010 with Liquid (group Banzai), a smart aggregator of content in the blogosphere, and one of the most viewed news websites in Italy. There I learned to write in Italian, to do PR and do analysis of digital strategy.

From 2004 to 2006, I “played” by the Free Software Foundation Europe, thanks to the input of Stefano Maffulli. In short, my heart beats the General Public License. And always will.

Before 2006 I planned a lot, doing dozens of tricks, websites and things. But … I do not remember!




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