December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Paolo Barberis

Paolo Barberis, was born in La Spezia in 1967. He studied architecture in Italy and Germany. After graduation and a Specialization in Interface Design at the Domus Academy in 1994,

When he was 27, along with some fellow students of Florence, creates Dada, an acronym for Design Architecture Digital Analog.

Paolo makes the company grow with the same visionary spirit that characterizes him today, able to anticipate the needs of the user approaching Internet.

Paolo encouraged the development of Internet in Italy by driving the users to the discovery of “the Net”. Starting from the simple dialup connectivity in 1995, over the years he has offered them new ways of living and understand Internet, all geared to make it a place of presence and natural aggregation. In 1999 he creates superEva (, the place “myth” of the Italian Web sensing, as a pioneer, the enormous potential of the Net as a community.

In 2000 Paolo takes Dada to the Milan Stock Exchange. For the general public he creates innovation, within Dada, with products and services dedicated to Digital Music, Mobile Applications, Mobile Services and Social Community. For companies and business customers, through the business unit, he settles Dada among the most successful and growing companies in Europe in the field of Domains, Professional Hosting, virtual and dedicated Server, and advanced online Advertising solutions.

In ’98 he was among the founders of the Italian section of IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and in ’99 of the Italian chapter of ISOC (Internet Society). Between innovation, design, pragmatism, speed, team spirit and a strong passion above all, Paolo has led Dada to be one of the leading company with offices in Florence, Milan, Bergamo, New York, Barcelona, Paris, London, Worcester, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro and a team of over 700 people, mostly under 35.

Today Paolo follows NanaBianca, that is taking shape in Florence.

Since July he has become Digital and Innovation Adviser to the Italian Prime Minister at palazzo Chigi.

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