December 14
Milan, Palazzo del ghiaccio

Renato Soru

Born in Sardinia in 1957, he graduated in Economics and Social Sciences at the Bocconi University in Milan. In 1995 he launched Czech On Line, one of the first Internet Companies in Czech Republic.

In 1998, following the liberalization of the Italian telecommunication market, he founded Tiscali, today considered one of the main telecommunication companies in Europe. In 2004 Renato Soru started a career as a politician and won the election for the Governorship of Sardinia, role he played till December 2008. In 2009 he came back to re-launch the Company and its positioning also thanks to the strengthening of the media sector and the launch of new strategic Over The Top Services such as Indoona, Streamera, Streamago and Istella, the search engine for the Italian web.



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